Revolutionizing Stone Cutting with Hydraulic Splitting Machines

Author:Dafon Kerbstone Machine FROM:Stone Machine Manufacturer TIME:2023-09-27

Introduction of hydraulic splitting machine

Stone is one of the important materials in the construction and decoration industry. There are many disadvantages to using traditional methods of cutting stone such as mechanical saws and electric saws. This machine method is inefficient, noisy, and produces a lot of dust. Hydraulic Splitting Machines

The emergence of stone cutting has completely changed the traditional way of stone cutting and brought revolutionary changes to the stone industry.

The working principle of the hydraulic splitting machine

Hydraulic Splitting Machines are devices that use hydraulic power to split stone. Its working principle is to use a hydraulic cylinder to impact the wedge onto the stone at high speed, producing a huge impact force, thereby splitting the stone into the required shape and size.

hydraulic stone splitting machine

Hydraulic Splitting Machines offer the following advantages:

High efficiency: The cutting speed of the hydraulic splitting machine is several times that of traditional methods, which can greatly improve cutting efficiency.
Low noise: The hydraulic splitting machine does not need to use equipment such as electric saws when working, and the noise level is greatly reduced.
Less dust: The hydraulic splitting machine does not need to cut stone when working, so the amount of dust generated is very small.

High safety: The hydraulic splitting machine adopts a hydraulic control system, which is simple and safe to operate.

hydraulic stone splitting machine

The application of Hydraulic Splitting Machines has greatly changed the current situation of the stone cutting industry. It provides stone processing companies with a more efficient, precise and economical cutting solution, and promotes the transformation and upgrading of the stone cutting industry.
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