Compare Cement Kerbstone with Granite Curbstone

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Cement curbstone and granite curbstone are both commonly used road edging materials, they have their own advantages and disadvantages, applicable to different occasions and needs. 
In this article, we will compare and analyze the material properties, use effect, and cost to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding and reference.

Comparison of material properties

Cement Kerbstone

Cement Kerbstone is made of cement, sand, stone, and other main raw materials, after mixing, molding, maintenance, and other processes. It is a synthetic material with high strength and durability, not easy to be affected by weather and environment, and has a long service life. The appearance of cement curbstone can be designed and processed according to the needs, and the color can be adjusted by adding pigments, so it has greater flexibility.

Granite Curbstone

Granite curbstone is a kind of natural stone, which is made from granite through cutting and polishing processes. It is hard, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, not easy to deform, and other characteristics, while the color is natural, has beautiful texture, and is a high-grade curbing material. However, granite curbstone is heavier, more difficult to transport and install, and relatively expensive.

 Cement Kerbstone

Comparison of use effect

Cement Curbstone
The use effect of cement roadside stone is mainly manifested in the following aspects:
(1) good stability: cement roadside stone has high strength and stability, is not easy to deform or damage, and can maintain a good state of use for a long time.
(2) simple maintenance: the surface of the cement pavement stone is not easy to wear and corrosion, maintenance is relatively simple and only needs regular cleaning.
(3) Low cost: the price of cement paving stones is relatively low, and the production and installation are also relatively simple, so it can reduce the cost of road construction.

Granite Curbstone

The use of granite curbstone is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

(1) high aesthetics: granite curbstone has a natural color and texture, which can enhance the overall aesthetics of the road.
(2) strong durability: granite curbstone is hard, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and other characteristics, and can maintain a good state of use for a long time.

(3) good security: granite curbstone surface is rough, can increase the friction between pedestrians or vehicles and the road surface, and improve road safety.

Granite Curbstone

cost comparison

    The cost of cement curbstone is relatively low, mainly because of the low cost of raw materials and production, and the production process is simple and easy to mass production. In addition, the weight of cement curbstone is lighter, and transportation and installation costs are also lower.

  The cost of granite curbstone is relatively high, mainly because of the high cost of raw materials, and the processing and transportation costs are also higher. In addition, the weight of granite curbstone is larger, and it is necessary to use professional equipment and personnel for installation, which also increases the cost.

curbstone cutter

In summary, cement curbstone and granite curbstone have their own advantages and disadvantages and are suitable for different occasions and needs. When choosing roadside materials, it is necessary to take comprehensive consideration and weigh the pros and cons according to the actual situation. If you need to reduce costs and improve road stability and maintenance simplicity, you can choose cement curbstone; if you need to improve road aesthetics, durability, and safety, you can choose granite roadside stone. Regardless of which material you choose, you need to pay attention to the quality of the material and the production process to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the roadside material.

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