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Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: DF- 2500/2800/3200
Power: 15/18.5/22KW
Weight: 12.5/14/15.5t
Application: Machinery & Hardware, Construction, Stone
Place of Origin: CHINA.
Trading Method: FOB/CIF/EXW Xiamen Port
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Delivery Time:90 Days
Packaging logistics: In wooded cases with fumigation finish or wrapped with plastic film.

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  • The Introduction of Hydraulic Block Cutter

stone block cutter machine is a kind of mechanical equipment driven by using hydraulic system for cutting stone, concrete and other hard materials. 

It usually consists of electric motor, hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, table and cutting tool.

  • Depth of cut for hydraulic stone cutter saws

The cutting depth of the hydraulic stone cutting machine saw mainly depends on the diameter of the cutting disc and the power of the machine. Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the diamond saw disc, the greater the cutting depth. At the same time, the power of the machine also affects the cutting depth, the greater the power, the greater the cutting depth. In the actual operation, in order to ensure work efficiency and cutting quality, you need to choose the appropriate cutting disc and machine power according to the specific material and thickness.

Conventional saw blades have the following three diameters:

1600-2500mm, 1600-2800mm ,1600-3200mm.

Corresponding to the depth of cut: 600-1100mm, 600-1250mm, 600-1450mm

In the actual stone cutting process, the cutting depth of the hydraulic stone cutting machine saw can generally reach more than 60cm, which can meet the processing needs of most of the stone. At the same time, the cutting depth can also be further increased with the replacement of saw blades and machine power, which can meet the needs of users with higher requirements for cutting depth.

In short, the hydraulic stone cutting machine saw is a kind of stone processing equipment with high efficiency, high quality and large cutting depth. According to your processing depth requirements, select the corresponding saw blade and motor power and the corresponding number of saw blades

  • Advantage of Hydraulic Stone Block Cutter Saw

A hydraulic stone block cutter machine is a machine that uses a hydraulic system to cut stone. The following are the advantageous features of hydraulic stone cutting machine.
High cutting efficiency: hydraulic stone cutting machine is driven by hydraulic system, which has the characteristics of high efficiency and stability, and can cut stone quickly and accurately to improve the working efficiency.
High cutting precision: hydraulic stone cutting machine has high precision cutting function, which can achieve precise cutting and processing and ensure the quality of stone processing.
Smooth cutting surface: hydraulic stone cutting machine uses hydraulic system for cutting, which has the characteristics of smooth and smooth, with smooth cutting surface and no burr.
Easy to operate: hydraulic stone cutting machine adopts advanced hydraulic control system, which is easy and convenient to operate without special skills or experience.
Safe and reliable: hydraulic stone cutting machine adopts high quality hydraulic components and electrical components, which can ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment and effectively reduce the incidence of work accidents.
High applicability: hydraulic stone cutting machine is suitable for cutting various types of stone, such as marble, granite, artificial stone, etc. It is widely used in the stone processing industry.
In short, hydraulic stone cutting machine has the advantages of high efficiency, high precision, safe and reliable, easy to operate, suitable for all types of stone cutting, is one of the important equipment for the stone processing industry.

  • Technical Parameters for Block Cutter






main motor power





Diameter of blade





Lifting Stroke





slicing range





Blade Number





cutting stroke










overall dimensions(L*W*H)





  • Successful Project 


hydraulic block cutter

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Hydraulic Block Cutter SawRelated Main Parts
Circle Blade
Circle Blade
Up to 18 pieces of blade can be hanged for efficient production of thin slabs. Blade: two ways of blade combination 1.Big-medium-small combination 2.Big-small combination
Six big strong pilllars
Six big strong pilllars
Covered by fabric for preventing pollution.
Electric control box
Electric control box
Buttons : Siemens
Linear Guide
Linear Guide
Famous products,top quality use on crossbeam and carling for good performance.
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Remote Services System

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Provide a wide range of stone processing machinery

Provide a wide range of stone processing machinery

we can production kerbstone cutting machine,infrared stone cutting machine, bridge saw machine, stone polishing machine, stone grinding machine,stone chamfering machine, stone splitting machine,quarry mining machine,stone profiling machine,ect
Factory planning

Factory planning

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Rich experience in rock quarry and stone factory

Rich experience in rock quarry and stone factory

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